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We do not accept unsolicited artworks by artists who have not submitted their work to Motion Gallery digitally. In order to qualify to show art at Motion Gallery, artists need to fill in our online submission form to get on our wait list.


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Once we receive a submission form, artists receive an auto-reply email confirming the submission was received, and go onto the wait list to await further instruction.

Be aware that new artists could be waiting over a year until we can accommodate them with a space. Our wait list is in the order of first come, first serve.

What New Artists Can Expect



1.   Our main exhibit space is a little over 504 sq. ft., with 54 feet of wall space for displaying art.

  • Typically this space is grouped into themes and shared between 4 artists.
  • Each artist is given an approximate 13.5 ft wall space to display their works.
  • For jewellery, artists are given 3 to 4  shelves in our glass cabinets. There is no criteria for sculptures or installations so it is best to discuss this with us to work something out


2.   A buy-in fee of a little over $9.50 per day is required for featured artists to display works.

  • Exhibit area is shared by 4 artists at $9.50 each.
  • An artist can request the full 500 sq. ft. exhibit space for their own solo show at $38 per day
  • Art exhibits run for no less than 2 weeks at a time.
  • Shows can be extended up to 8 weeks but no longer.
  • In addition, Artists are required to pay $50 of their buy-in fee upfront as a deposit to confirm their standing on the waitlist as an Active Artist, this is typically done 3 months before a show and when requested by a gallery administrator.


3.   25% commission is taken off of sales from artworks sold by Motion Gallery, and payments to artists are made within the following month (exactly 30 days after the sale of artworks).


4.   Opening receptions are held on the first Friday or Saturday evenings of the start of new shows.

  • Artists exhibiting in a group show can choose to have a Solo Opening Reception or attend a Group Reception with the other featured artists
  • All artists are required to attend their opening reception


5.   All new featured artists are interviewed for a 400 to 800 word article.

  • The article is featured on Motion Gallery’s website with images of artworks which is used to promote artists and the exhibition.


6.   No preference is given to artists for their experience or reputation, nor is the style of artwork or subject matter a concern for us. However, all artworks that are intended to be exhibited will be juried by a panel of judges so it is vitally important that artworks are professionally finished and ready to hang before they are accepted by Motion Gallery.


7.   Motion Gallery Artists automatically become members to our society. Which just means our artists have a say in voting rights at our Annual General Meetings held in annually in June.