SNAPPED Exposure Festival at the New Motion Gallery – Jan 15-Feb 28, 2019

We invite you to come take a first look at our contribution to the 2019 Exposure Photography Festival, featuring The New Motion Gallery’s very own resident artist Stephen Dolha.

Please contact the gallery at for more information or to view the show by appointment.

Exhibition dates: January 15 – February 28
Artist reception: February 13, 6-9pm

Snapped. The shutter is pressed, capturing natures beauty at just the right moment in time and space; a flower in bloom, Aspen trees on a hillside, autumn leaves on the ground. Snapped. Positioning to ensure everything forms a cohesive whole. A vision in his mind’s eye captured. Snapped. Considered, not rushed. Not random or chaotic. Snapped. Years spent honing a photographic vision to include only what is needed. Time stands still, deeply immersed in the act of taking a photograph. Snapped.

For more than forty years Stephen P. Dolha has been passionate about photographing our shared natural world. He lives for that moment when he snaps the camera shutter and the beauty he sees is captured in a photograph. Whether he is photographing flowers in his Calgary garden or landscapes and native plants in the foothills and mountains of the Rocky Mountain Range, his photographic passion always burns strong.

Flowers as you’ve never seen them, captured with deep focus and intimate detail; landscapes that feel as if they were painted in all their detail. To accomplish this, Stephen has embraced the power of digital photographic techniques and pushed them to their limits. Immerse yourself in his beautiful photographic images of nature at The New Motion Gallery.