Mid-Summer Sale


One week ONLY !

20% off all participating resident artist artwork



Viviana Pacheco

My fascination with nature and animals is what drives me to be prolific in my output. My use of bright expressive colours is greatly influenced by my Latin heritage. My paintings have bold intense strokes, strong hard lines, and a linear almost cartoonish style. I quickly have developed my own technique and enjoy experimenting within it.  This piece called Walking in Memphis and many more are part of this summer sale !


Stephen P. Dolha

I’m in awe of nature. From the majesty of the mountains to the infinite complexity of a single flower. And I revel in that complexity through the tonality and colours of visible light. For me taking photographs is to be present with all that nature can provide. Time stands still when I’m deeply immersed in the act of taking a photograph.

I’m thrilled to be part of the Motion Gallery Resident Artist’s Summer Art Sale. All my photographs are available in various sizes with either handmade solid wood frames, on aluminum panels or simply matted without a frame so you can choose a frame of your liking. See more of my work at naturephotos.ca


Janice Mather

I have been creating vibrant and colourful representations of Calgary from downtown streets to panoramic city views because I think Calgary is such a beautiful city. I have a series of city pieces included in the sale such as this piece, which is called City Views, and is 48″x24″ . I also have my polish headdress studies of women and those gorgeous flower creations they wear.

Jade Powers

For the love of art supplies

The fluidity of watercolours and mark making allow me to lose control and to let the mediums create. I have a series of paintings and my handmade and custom printed purses and bags included in the sale.

Dario Jajarmi
I am a third year ACAD student and have my studio right in the gallery. My work is also for sale in the main gallery and I will have several pieces included in the summer sale!

Carole Nadon
I am a French Canadian artist and create paper mache sculptures that reflect characters who seem to have experienced a few hard knocks in life, and developed a sense of humor because of it.  I love all my “people” and they will be pleased to go to a new home for a little bit of a discount!

Sara Grawbarger Kuefler

Ghost Project’ as well as images from my ‘Nature and History’ series from in my third consecutive year of participation in the Exposure Photography Festival will be available for the sale.

Connie Shea
My work is layered and is constantly changing. Applying a colour can take the piece in a whole new direction. It is about giving up control to the painting. The artwork that is display at the gallery is all being included in the offer to buy at a great discounted prices … temporarily!

Artist Spot Light

Jefferson Kaine

In 2009 I had a life changing event occur; I was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease. This disease has taken its toll on me, one eye is completely lost. The loss of vision in the other eye has slowed somewhat, however it is only a matter of time. So why would someone losing eye sight want to paint? Perhaps it was a push in direction that he wanted to go in, or the life lesson of living with this loss realizing life does not wait. Take the risk, embrace the fear and trust in yourself. I started by dropping paint on canvas and watching the effects of that. I knew that this something that resonated with me. I sought out instruction and support to move my art forward. I draw inspiration from life experiences and interaction with fellow artists. The contrast in his images is a direct reflection of lessening vision, and strong emotional statements. Painting in low light and the dark brings some tranquility, and eases the pain of light to his good eye. The solitude of painting gives me the chance to reflect on life and realize how lucky I am. I have learned that this is just part of the journey, I am not sure of the destination; however being able to share it with so through art has made it a much more interesting place.