Mark Lopez – Artist Statement

Empathy and co-existence are Mark Lopez’ strong messages on his art rendition. Exposed to multicultural background, Mark saw the need to share the value of respect. He believes, regardless of polar differences, there is still that chance to live together in peace. Traveling from Asia to North America, he had great hopes that there is a better future for everyone through art.

With his Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering, he sustained employment in the Oil and Gas industry. The extended economic downturn was instrumental to the birth of his art works, themed “Minerals on Portrait”. The need for progress, preservation & responsible usage of natural resources made him use mixed media to emanate the contrasting blend of natural beauty enhanced by industrial elements. He is channeling the transformative power of arts to emphasize the noble intent of knowledge and technological tools, which is to enhance and not to destroy.

Compelled by his passion, he is debuting his art works in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Mark Lopez is an author as well. Promoting his recently published book, “The Boy and the Lone Mango Tree”, he offers story time and book signing events in cities in Alberta, Canada. With the message of courage, love of family and ingenuity among the young, he furthers his reach to positively contribute to the society. Currently, he connects with youth organizations to promote education of children in his home province in the Philippines.

Personal Message

Mark Lopez, BSc IE, CET

“We are who we are and so much more. Keep discovering our selves. There’s so much within us. Uncover our potentials and be that!”

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