June Artist – Yulia Tsinko


Humans fascinate me. But what fascinates me even more is how hazy the distinction between dreams and reality can be. Is reality an objective fact or a subjective construct, different for each and every one of us? Can our dreams materialize? Are our bodies separate from our consciousness? These questions intrigue me and to approach the answers I try to study human nature through art.

Drawing a person from life is a very intimate process where a special connection is created between an end of a brush on one end and a model on the other.

When models hold longer poses, their thoughts start to drift and they fall into a dream state. And exactly at this point, when their day dreams start to spill over, it may be possible to capture the ephemeral nature of their beings.

My ultimate goal in creating art is to capture a soul of a person, be it a petulant child, a ghost, a dream or a cat.

Yulia works in ink, acrylics, graphite pencils and photography, but ink is her primary medium. She likes its finality.

She feels that ink has a mind of its own and adds a touch of the subconscious to her work.
Yulia has received her education from University of Calgary, ACAD, Emily Carr Institute and has studied with several prominent Calgary artists.