January Artist – Dario Jajarmi

This month in Motion Gallery, there is a collection of personal work exhibited by Dario Jajarmi, which he has made throughout his Fall, 2017, semester at ACAD. Moving in numerous directions, with a focus on working with mythical imagery, vague narrative, and optical component is an element he wishes to portray.


His work is primarily automatic, and inspiration comes from associations he builds with the things he see. He tells us he has been working to incorporate elements of some forms of tribal or primitivist art (Pre-Columbian, Afro-Cubist, and Igbo, namely) in a way that communicates a similar intensity without directly referencing a cultural or contemporary tradition. Psychedelic Art plays a role in the aesthetic of his work, but thematically, Dario wishes to communicate focus on contemporary ideas surrounding emotion, symbolism, time, and memory.


Working mainly with acrylic paints, much of his work in this series also include gesso and spray paint. He explains,“My process is inspired primarily by contemporary philosophies surrounding the nature of intuition and automatism, with a focus on elevating the intuitive process by attaching it to a complex form. Art is a meditative process to me, and I will seldom plan out any distinct element before I begin.”







He tells us that from the time he was in grade school, he had access to acrylic paints, so it was easy to develop alongside that medium. His creativity stretches to playing drums as well, but painting is his main medium of expression.


“I found myself turning to art primarily as a way to alleviate boredom in class. It was simply a part of my life that remained consistent from kindergarten to grade 12.”


He goes on to tell us, “I never went through an intense decision making process regarding what I wanted to do after high school, but my decision was ultimately influenced by the understanding that the worst case scenario going into the arts, will still leave me with the skills to do what makes me happy, wherever my future takes me.”


Dario is currently a painting student at the Alberta College of Art and Design working towards his BFA, and has received no further instruction besides grade school art classes. He is now looking towards using electronic systems to give his paintings an animated element, but admits that school is his main focus for the time being.


To see more of Dario’s work, visit his Instagram account @derrierejarjarbinks, as well as his Facebook page,
where you can also make inquiries regarding a purchase.




Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere