Board Of Directors

At our 2018 Annual General Meeting, a new Board was elected to head the Motion Gallery Society. It
is made of of extremely driven individuals with a desire to make Motion Gallery, the best
artist run gallery in all of Calgary. Here’s an introduction to each one and their positions
within the Society.

Viviana Pacheco – President

I am a Calgary, Alberta based artist. My passion for painting was reignited recently by attending a paint party, diving back to my favourite medium creating stylistic paintings using very linear, bold, and colourful strokes of acrylic paint on canvas. I studied graphic design at Selkirk college, with a strong sense of entrepreneurship and desire for unobstructed personal expression, I have launched a thriving art business that includes workshops, art classes, Canvas pARTies, and commissioned work.

Jade Powers – Secretary

After losing my beautiful art centre due to the downturn of the economy, beside myself with grief and not knowing what to do next, I turned to creating art as a way to exist and to make myself get up every day. As an art therapist, I knew the benefits of creating art, but I didn’t know that it would save me.

Allyson Thain – Treasurer

I am an artist and instructor, and also someone who truly enjoys numbers and analysis. I have worked in finance for Not for Profit organizations for over 30 years. Favorite moments are walking holidays, quiet mornings and spending time with family and friends.

Steve Gow – Director

Steve is a social entrepreneur, corporate lawyer and Canadian Forces veteran of the war in Afghanistan. His education includes a bachelor of arts and Juris Doctorate (JD) in law from the University of Calgary. Steve is the Co-Founder of, an online marketplace where art lovers can buy art from independent artists and resell it whenever they want with all transactions recorded using blockchain technology and resale royalties paid directly to artists. Steve is passionate about art and artists and loves working to grow Calgary’s arts & culture reputation in Canada and internationally.

Janice Mather – Director

I was born in Calgary and have lived here all my life. I have been drawing since I can
remember. At this young age I was supported and urged to love art by my parents, which I did! While I feel that I was born with an artist’s heart, I also completed degrees from both the University of Calgary and SAIT in Fine Art, Psychology and Interior Design. When I work, I apply my passion for creating while taking into account color, style and design in the world around me.
Andrej Brajić – VP