About Us

Motion Gallery is a not for profit gallery for emerging local artists in the heart of downtown Calgary. We give artists of all styles, disciplines and backgrounds an affordable space to showcase their artwork on a long-term and short term basis, providing an unprecedented opportunity for exposure.

As a solution to a problem – the lack of long-term exhibition opportunities for artists seeking to establish themselves, Rob Dodds decided he would provide the venue he was seeking when he discovered an available retail space at Eau Claire Market. Motion Gallery launched in December 2011 with a month-long art show organized with like-minded friends and fellow artists.

Today we are more than just a venue, we’ve become a community, a catalyst and a crucial stepping stone in many artists’ personal and professional development. Since its inception, Motion Gallery has provided a supportive space for developing talent and helped artists hone their artistic voices by connecting them to their peers and audiences. In doing so, we’ve provided a launching pad into the professional or semi-professional art world, inspiring many artists to showcase their works in other galleries (one of our artists has since launched a gallery of her own!). Many of our artists have told us that their experience at Motion has motivated them to push themselves further and has helped them build the confidence and skills to pursue their artistic goals.

How We Operate

We charge artists a rental fee to display their work. In addition to providing gallery space, we promote our artists on social media, though mentions in our email newsletters, and by connecting them to a community of like-minded artists and arts enthusiasts.
Every month we change our displays, introducing new artists to the gallery and swapping out old artworks for new. At least a third of the gallery is rearranged during this time.






Want To Volunteer?

We are always in need of volunteers, for a number of tasks and events. Please come in to talk to us about the different opportunities we offer.