Meet Zach Lowe

Zach is a spontaneous multimedia painter using his photographs, with stencilled objects, words, and layers of paints to create bold statement artworks


Zach LoweA few friends and I had gone out on the town on a Friday evening and agreed to meet for a late breakfast at a crepe shop at 10am the next Saturday morning. I had left home a bit early in hopes of running an errand on my way to breakfast. The shop I was looking to hit up was closed and I was now going to be 20 minutes early for breakfast. So sitting at a red light on 17th avenue I looked over and saw Mona Lisa art supplies and thought I would dip in and kill a few minutes. I ended up buying a few tubes of paint, some brushes, and a 12’’x12’’ cheap canvas board to make something on that rainy Saturday afternoon. I ended up returning on the Monday and loading up with a trunk full of stuff to play around with. It just snowballed from there.” 






March Artist – Zach Lowe

Instagram: @zachlowevisuals

Zach’s gallery of art

Zach Lowe - Pompado

Zach Lowe - Revo

Zach Lowe - Golden

Zach Lowe - Bubbles

Zach Lowe - Selfie Monroe-Pole

Zach Lowe - Hills Of Namba

Zach Lowe - Humble Man

Zach Lowe - X

Zach Lowe - Bullet

Zach Lowe - Oh Dear