September Artists – Todd Sloane

Todd Sloane started sculpting his own Sci-Fi vision of the future in 2010, by creating a fluent body of work that not only transports us into a realm in the future, but also leaves us with nostalgic thoughts of past human endeavors. His pieces are resulted from the assembly of vintage technology from the 20’s to the 60’s, using knobs, gears, wires, vacuum tubes, gauges, and from everything from radios, TVs, vehicles to everyday household items.


“Sloane Concepts” is the brand name of Todd’s nostalgic Sci-Fi vision creating his self expression. He hopes his audience sees and appreciates the innovative process as well as the creative blood, sweat and tears that goes into each piece. He also hopes that everyone is able to make a personal connection with a vision of a future that has been altered from a bygone era.

When you recognize the retro objects and mechanical parts he uses in his sci-fi sculptures you will smile with delight.


Todd is the first featured artist to exhibit art at Motion Gallery’s new location in Sunalta. This month he will be exhibiting a variety of these sculptures, ray guns and illustrations at Motion Gallery. Make sure to mark your calendar for his opening solo show on Thursday, 7 September, from 6 pm – 9 pm. The collection will be on display right up until October 05th.




Todd tells us, “I will try and use anything and everything. The material criteria for my pieces is that 90% of it has to be assembled for Vintage items, and there can be nothing later than 1970.  The older, more beat-up and rustier the better!”

The real skill and artistry lies in not just in creating these concepts from leather, metal, glass or plastics themselves, but also in salvaging of vintage inanimate parts to build souls with individual personalities, breathing life into what Todd calls “The Salvaged Ones”.


Born and raised in Alberta Canada, Todd studied advertising and graphic design at the Alberta College of Art and Design. As far back as he can remember, he always enjoyed drawing, painting and sculpting. At the age of 6, he would sit with his dad and watch him draw landscapes and old farm houses. He says, “I guess I have some artistic family blood running through my veins.” All through school, Todd attended art class and loved every minute of it.

“I have always had a passion for the Science Fiction Genre.” As a child, he faithfully watched every Saturday afternoon Sci-Fi matinee movie on his parent’s 3 channel, 24″ screen TV. He collected all the Sci-Fi comic books he could get his hands on, amassing an impressive collection of 50’s and 60’s tin toy robots and space vehicles. “This Sci-Fi passion, combined with the Vintage Hipster Subculture and Vintage Industrial Design have been my biggest inspirations.”



He is currently working on a new series of pieces, including both sculptures and illustrations, titled “VogueBots”. This series is influenced by vintage fashion illustrations. Along with the rest of his works, two “sneak-a-peek” VogueBots and illustrations will be shown at the Motion Gallery.


He recalls in Grade 12, when a couple of 4th year students from ACAD showed up at his school to talk about Advertising and Graphic Design. That’s the moment when Todd was sold! He figured that if he was successful, he could make a good living designing creative concepts for companies, while continuing to paint and sculpt in his spare time. Unfortunately, however, working for an Advertising and Marketing agency didn’t allow for a lot spare time, so Todd started his own advertising agency 25 years ago, and surrounds himself with a group of very creative and talented individuals.


“My Ad Agency, Tag Advertising, has become very successful, and I am now in the envious position of having more time to focus on my sculpting and illustrations.  I am extremely grateful to all current and past individuals, as well as companies I have had the privilege to work with. Tag has brought me enough fame, and I am fortunate to now focus more on my personal work.”



With several private showings at The TAG Gallery and two public exhibits at The RAW Gallery under his belt, Todd has gotten some recognition and great reviews. He was featured on the front page of SWERVE Magazine with a recent article.

“Guardian Of The Galaxy. Todd Sloane has created a small army of out-of-this-world robots”

Read the full article

SWERVE Magazine


“I truly loved Todd’s sculptures and would not hesitate to own and display any one of them”

“These Sculptures are among the coolest objects that I have seen in a very long time”

Ron Kurczaba, Principal Riddell Kurczaba, Architecture Engineering Interior Design


“Wow, wow, wow … blown away! Each piece is so uniquely beautiful ” “An amazingly surreal and sultry collection that leaves you slightly startled yet visually thrilled”

Ken Wentz, ACAD Instructor.


“Totally creative works; and a lot of fun to inspect and try to guess where the bits and pieces that make up these super robots were originally used. A delightful grouping”.

David Parker, Business columnist – and jealous collector





Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere