September Artist – Alison Philpotts

This month we welcome Alison Philpotts to Motion Gallery, with a collection of ‘Mountain and Mountain Lake’ themed paintings she will exhibit from September 15th to October 05th.


Her latest collection captures the grandeur and stillness that one would feel if sitting on a shoreline or ridge in our beautiful Rockies. Most of the inspiration for her Western Canadian landscapes comes from the many pictures her avid hiking friends share with her on their adventures. Alison also likes to binge on art and enjoys looking at other artist’s work, as well as attending local art shows.  



As far back as elementary school, Alison was always drawing or painting. Her father, who is a visual artist in his own right, has always been a strong influence in her life. She only decided she wanted to be a full time artist about fifteen years ago, after replicating the works of the masters such as Cezanne, Van Gogh and the Group of Seven.  


While working as a massage therapist for twenty five years, Alison got tired of looking at bad HomeSense art in the clinic she was working at, and resolved to paint her own art. She is mostly self taught, influenced by her father who continues to be her greatest mentor, and has taken a few of adult painting courses at The University of Calgary in recent years.


As a colourist at heart, it is not hard to understand why Alison enjoys mixing colours, constructing compositions, and choosing subject matters. By merely experimenting with a variety of paint mediums, she has learned that she prefers to work with acrylic paint, because it allows her to paint quickly, and covers aspects of her paintings that didn’t work easily with watercolour.



Classified as an Impressionist painter with the use of loose strokes and a wide palette of colour, Alison loves painting the mountains and depth of colour in surrounding water.  “Painting opens my heart, and shuts down my brain” she says, “I am mostly in an euphoric state when I paint…business side of being an artist is another matter!”, she jokes.


Her wish is to continually evolve as a painter, to master her skills, and to paint until her last breath. Making art that people love, and want to have in their personal spaces gives her the greatest satisfaction.


Find more of Alison’s art on her website: Her work can also be seen at Galleria in Inglewood, at A Room At Home Gallery, and Evanescence Gallery in High River, where she is currently represented. She also keeps herself busy managing public art at Euphoria Cafe in Varsity.





Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere