Meet Rob Dodds

Rob is a welder by trade and a metal artist influenced by the contrast of organic vs. inorganic shapes, many of his works resemble objects that seem aliens, as if from another planet. Examples of these shapes and forms can be seen in Rob sculptures and jewelry. So where did this artistic tendency come from.

Rob Dodds

“I guess I started as an artist when I was around 12. We had a family move in next door, they were artists from Victoria. Their son’s were around my age and they were some of my best friends. I practically lived there. We’d draw, paint, sculpt, pretty much make whatever we could think of. We’d often talk about art and its meaning, what was important and what was trivial. It was through them that the seeds were sown and later in life I began to realize that art is a deeply personal and reflective process. The most important thing they taught me was that the value of art was solely for me to decide: It’s not based on money, social standing, or anything to do with what anyone else had to say about it. This world view became the norm for me, and often I find myself at odds with commonly held perceptions of what has value, and that which holds meaning.”






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Rob’s gallery of art

Rob Dodds - Mosaic close-up view

Rob Dodds - Society Machine 1.0

Rob Dodds - Mosaic 

Rob Dodds - Society Machine 2.0

Rob Dodds - Mosaic close-up

Rob Dodds - Form

Rob Dodds - Heart Pendant 

Rob Dodds - Form

Rob Dodds - 

Rob Dodds - Sphere

Rob Dodds - Form 2