Meet Rick Rosario

Rick’s figurative artworks are influenced by street art, murals and urban landscapes. In most of his portrait paintings the faces are distorted or blurred, giving the viewer the opportunity to feel the thoughts of the painting rather than read it straight from the expressions. Learn more about Rick’s art.


00Rick Rosaio

His personal symbology is derived from his upbringing in a city rich in history, tradition, mythology and cultural diversity. As a first generation Canadian, identity has become a common theme in his paintings. His works move away from representation of shapes, lines, light and shadow, while focusing on capturing the essence of an individual through colour, movement and abstractions of the figure.

“When a viewer feels moved by a painting the artist moves closer to capturing the human experience… Abstracting what is tangible and observing our sensibilities of our reactions to everything around us is what peaks my curiosity the most.”


Article – Rick Rosario

Rick’s gallery of art

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