Photographer – Jennifer Brazil


Inspired by nature, Jennifer Brazil’s ‘Subtle Tongue’ is a collection of images gathered over the past year. These comprise of some of her favoured flowers and will be on display at Motion Gallery during February, in conjunction with this years Exposure Photography Festival.


Her prized images were taken either very close to sunset or right before a storm was rolling in. She explains that the dark, almost black clouds offer a lighting that allows these flowers to “speak” loudly. “Something magical happens when flowers and I meet and I’m glad I’m able to express a tiny sliver of that magic on digital film.” She explains.


Jennifer can be ready for those magical moments in a blink. She carrying her camera around with her most days, particularly during the warmer months, and though she has been taking photographs for many years, this is the first year she participates in the festival.


Out Of Darkness


Imperfect Perfection

The Space Inbetween


Being a creative child, she enjoyed indoors and outdoors crafts, spending most of her time absorbing the life of mossy forests, wild roaring coastlines, and her mother’s flower garden. Expressing that “Life was simple and creation came naturally”, and if she wasn’t making something then she was watching something being made by mother nature.


Photography came naturally to Jennifer, she always carried a camera in her teens but she never thought of it as more than something she did and confesses she wasn’t very good at it. She loved trying to capture what the eye of her heart could see. “I can’t help but see beauty everywhere I go and I’m constantly thinking “that would be a great photo”.”

“I remember using a 110 Kodak Star film camera and I loved the sound the camera made as I advanced the film to prepare it for the next photo.”


Jennifer tells us she sees the world in moments of mystery and beauty, and when she’s at her worst she will take a trip to the forest with her camera where beauty will finds her, and in turn she finds herself back in love with life. “Photography reminds me of the mystery of light and because of this I have chosen photography as my expressive medium.”


Frozen Love

Little Packages

Depth Of Mystery

Come In

Behind It All

Softness Speaks


As for PhotoShop, she enjoys having the ability to use a program that allows for extra creative expression but will do as little touching up as possible, adding “most times I barely have to do anything since the flowers are so amazing in colour and shape to begin with. The flowers do all the work for me.”


Jennifer has been involved in several solo and group exhibits, her work has been published in Amber Approved Magazine eight times, and in her spare time she continues photographing flowers, saying that “They bring me much joy to photograph and later view”. Her wish is to continue photographing nature in other parts of the world to see what stories the flowers of other regions have to tell her.


To see Jennifer’s delightful journey follow her on Instagram @jenniferbrazil
Or visit her website




Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere