Photographer – Gary Duits

Gary Duits uses a Nikon D7000 with three different zoom lenses covering a range of 11 – 400mm shots. Showing a combination of “straight” photography, and images heavily altered with Photoshop in a new collection of photographic works displayed this month, he saying that he finds both processes very exciting. Adding that “A perfect clean shot is a lifetime dream, and an image altered in Photoshop to say something
with different effect is also a thrill.”

As an artist, Gary strongly supports the use of software to manipulate an image, pointing out that Photoshop has allowed him to grow as an artist, to the point that he now rarely refers to himself as a classic photographer, but rather as an image maker.

Though he enjoys hunting and finding the best image he can possibly capture with his camera, the beginning of the journey begins with the perfect shot. Adding that at times the captured image is enough and requires little manipulation (if none at all), but most of the time he simply just sees or feels what it was that drew him to snap the shutter, which can be enhanced and strengthened by photo editing.

Gary Duits - Cafe
Gary Duits – Cafe

“Often the image I finish looks very little like the one I began with”, emphasizing that he hopes his image becomes stronger through the manipulative process. This explains Gary’s reasoning for calling himself an image maker, before referring to himself a photographer. With Photoshop, he allows himself to explore a new part of visual artistry. “Even though I realize that in the photographic community heavily edited images are a subject of great debate, I myself cannot sing the praises of Photoshop strongly enough.”

Gary Duits - Divine Geometry
Gary Duits – Divine Geometry

After showing some interest in a friend’s camera, he was given a Yashica FR1 35mm by his parents as a high school graduation gift. That particular camera was used for over 20 years before he eventually bought himself his first digital camera in 2005. This was just the start. Gary tells us he has grown to prefer digital photography since his hey-days.

Just taking a clean film shot with a camera does not challenge this photographer, but being able to work an initial digital image into a completely different image gives him a great sense of intrigue.

Gary Duits - Those Walking In Darkness
Gary Duits – Those Walking In Darkness

This is the first year we see Gary’s photography exhibited for the Exposure Photography Festival. He has only shown his work in Motion Gallery since his photographic journey began, and as someone who is a bit of a technological luddite, he does not have any web presence outside of the gallery’s website, and in the Summer of 2015, was featured in an edition of a small local magazine called “Trifecta”.

Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere