Photographer – David Wilder

Born in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, David Maurice Dale Wilder came from humble beginnings. His most affluent influence as a creative was his artistic Grandmother. She was always creating, painting, crafting, and encouraged David to explore his creativity. Moving to Canada at an early age, he began to venture to the Rockies with friends and always had a camera in hand. Saving his allowance, he would buy rolls of film to photograph anything and everything around using an old 35 mm Minolta with a Sigma 17-35 lens. As the years passed, the digital revolution came, and David adopted it since it was cheaper and easier to learn.



Sunburst Sunrise

Sky On Fire

Morning Rays

Moraine Morning

Milky Hoodoo

In A Row


Bursting Ice

Abraham Cracked


Fast forward to the present day, David has been trying to figure out what photography means to him, and what he wanted his work to achieve. He explains, “I began to think about how much negativity, suffering and destruction there is in the world. When we are faced with constant news of violence and loss, which can make it seem like there is no hope. It does not have to be that way. We all have a choice and sometimes that choice just needs encouragement.”


For the first time, David has recently been accepted to participate in the Exposure Festival, which is Calgary’s premier festival for photographers showcasing works throughout different locations in the city.Over the past year, his focus has been to showcase the true beauty of Alberta and the Canadian Rockies. He hopes to bring awareness to the stunning landscapes of Alberta, and hopefully igniting passion to conserve the landscapes delicate ecosystem. These works will be showcased at the Exposure Festival for all to experience.


He shoots with a Nikon D800 DSLR, with a variety of lenses and filters to achieve the best possible image in camera first. He says, “I want the viewer to feel like they were standing in the exact same spot I was.” His love for film will always be his compassed when he engages with the digital realm of photography. He tells us, “I work in digital now, because the technology has advanced so far that you can do so much in a shorter amount of time. However, my love for film is still there. I think every photographer should start with film, since it helps develop the skills, and eye for making the photograph before picking up the camera. It’s how I started off.”


A New Day

David explains his image ‘A New Day’, “On my way to the mountains for sunrise I found a guy in his car that had rolled off the hwy. I pulled over and sprinted to the car, I pulled the man from the car. I waited with him until the first responders came, then I continued to the mountains where I was still able to capture this shot. I named it “A New Day” to remind myself that every day is a second chance at doing better, being better.”
Influenced by Ansel Adams, David is truly inspired to the level of attention to details of Ansel Adams’ work. He also draws inspiration from Peter Lik for his vibrant work, and explains, “it is why I try to capture the entire colour I can to make the work pop from the wall.”


David’s biggest accomplishment as a photographer, was when he sold his very first print. This signified that it was possible for him to make a living as a photographer. “Since I can remember, I wanted to be able to make a living with photography, and selling my first print meant that it was possible. It meant that there were people out there that actually liked my work.”


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Written by Rick Rosario

Edited by Renee Laferriere