Photographer – Brad Williams

As a newcomer to the Exposure Festival, we are pleased to present Brad William’s collection of old and new images, consisting of newer works using the digital process, as well as vintage photography using film and darkroom printing techniques.

His analog photographs were primarily taken with a Canon AE1 and Kodak Tri X Pan film, like in the prints from New York. These were then printed in a darkroom using the silver removal technique. He tells us that many prints were discarded, since the dodging and burning techniques rarely produce the same print twice, and the two final silver prints displayed this month took several days to produce.

Brad Williams – Playa de la Noche

Although Brad enjoyed shooting with film and transparency, he now uses a Samsung NX system camera, admitting he prefers digital photography simply because of the convenience. Photoshop is also a tool he enjoys very much.

Since pursuing photography, Brad has exhibited his photographic images in six galleries, has had his work published in print five times, and four times in web media.


The story behind his first camera began in 1977 when he bought a Hawkeye Brownie 620 Special box camera at a flea market. Using color roll film, he photographed Prince Charles at a publicity event – riding a horse at a big ceremony.  “I managed to capture a shot of him (the Prince) with a Canadian flag in the background being raised upside down!” He adds.

Brad Williams - Speedway
Brad Williams – Speedway

From an early age drawing was a staple for Brad, while he only observed his Dad with a fully manual SLR camera that had no focusing mechanism, so the distance to the subject had to be measured and the lens dialled to an index. This peaked his interest in photography, and off he went to create a collection of cameras himself.
Fascinated with capturing and freezing moments up to this day, Brad still enjoys illustrating, painting and sculpting as well.


Brad Williams - Voodoo
Brad Williams – Voodoo


Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere