October Artist – Tami Lyn Monaghan Kennelly

Tami Lyn Monaghan Kennelly, our October artist is best known for producing detailed drawings so rich they look like paintings. Her Métis background also lends a strong influence to her artwork, and can be seen throughout her mountains and prairie landscape scenes.

Having attended The Alberta College of Art (now known as ACAD) between 1989 and 1993, there Tami majored in Drawing, and excelled in figure drawing. During this time she also majored in the two year Ceramics program.

Tami’s interest and creativity has always been drawing based, she explains, “I used to do ‘dooddle art posters’ as a child, they were a 70’s Hippie based Art Movement that took hours to colour. I covered my bedroom walls with them.”



However, she claims she is still finding her way, “For 20 years I have been trying to find my own style of drawing, my inspirations come from mother nature…” Having experimented with many medium and styles along the way. She adds, “I am always looking to expand my use of different mixed medium materials”.

‘My greatest goal is being able to live off of what I love most, drawing, and being able to share what I see as beautiful.” She tells us, and this generous artsits has gone on to donate many of her artworks to a number of worthy causes, such as fundraisers for organisation like her children’s school, art groups and dances through the years.

Her works are compacted with a variety of mediums, from metallic coloured felts, pencil crayons. acrylic paint and pens, crackle medium, right up to whiteout, and even nail polish. Layers upon layers of these mediums are applied to her canvases, which can take up to 100 hours of work on one single canvas. “My drawings are so deeply detailed most people mistake them for paintings, my technique is layering of colors to achieve the depth needed.” but having her explain this still doesn’t do it justice. We urge you to come see Tami Lyn Monaghan Kennelley’s artwork this month.



The collection displayed at Motion Gallery concentrates on her native heritage, a series of mixed medium spiritual drawing she has been developing since the age of 28. “My most recent drawings show the beauty of the changing seasons, the weather from the Alberta Rockies, Calgary, foothills, and the interior of B.C., to the prairies.”


Tami’s artworks can also be found at Jane’s Addiction Coffee House, The Waters Edge Pub, and this month she will be showcasing at Waves Coffee House PALLISER.

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