October Artist – Chelsea James

Chelsea James is a tattoo artist and one of our featured artists from Edmonton this month. Since most of her art is normally displayed on skin, she has translated her work to something that can be shown to people who wouldn’t necessarily be exposed to this kind of art, and using her tattoo equipment and colour pigments she has tattooed images onto leather.


At Motion Gallery this October you can see a collection of Japanese folklore influenced art that are largely processed the same way as regular tattooing but without the human component so not how you traditionally think of it.

Chelsea admits she finds a lot of inspiration from other tattoo artists, and will often look up folklore from other cultures for even more inspiration.

As a child with a very vivid imagination she constantly looked at the things around her to see what she could make with them. “I drew, painted and built as much as I possibly could”. Chelsea took art classes throughout junior and high school but admits she is mostly self taught and strongly motivated. From 2008 to 2009 she attended Blanche Macdonald for fashion and special effects makeup.


She always knew she wanted to be an artist,  “I’ve done a lot of sculpting and painting in the past”, other than tattooing and painting, she also loves film and photography, and has dabbled in both. However, before taking the artist road she tells us she was pushed in many different career directions but none of them felt right.


Chochin Obake




Death Note


Telltale Heart


Artists show the world that nothing is black and white, and being an artist is exactly where Chelsea wants to be, adding “I think the world needs more artists and freethinkers”.

Since she is constantly tattooing, her art style and tattooing technique has come leaps and bounds in a few short years. With some cool tattoo projects on the go, Chelsea tells us she is always revamping and fine tuning her style so she can continue making people happy with her art.

To see more of Chelsea’s art on her Instagram tattoo profile @chelseajamestattoos
“I currently don’t have any pieces for sale, but if you want to inquire about tattoos I’m always open for consults at Showdown in Edmonton or by email cjamestattooer@gmail.com”





Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere