November Artist – LeeAnn Thompson

LeeAnn Thompson is one of our new artists exhibiting a mixed collection of abstract paintings in varying styles, with a continual landscapes theme. Some are more abstract than others.


Most of LeeAnn’s latest artworks have been inspired by her travels. She tells us, “One of my earlier sets has a definite European influence. Another set that I did was just after a trip to Italy to do some volunteer work.” Having joined Global Volunteers to help high school students in Italy with English has been a bigger inspiration than she ever imagined.


“During a train ride through the French countryside, I got the urge to do something a little different. I was obsessed with the look of the clouds.” She adds, “After returning from Nepal, I starting playing with ink, and enjoyed exploring what can happen when you just let things happen.


Wherever she goes she finds herself admiring artworks by other artists. The influence she draws from their talents inspires her in so many different forms.


Acrylic paints are her go-to medium, and she enjoys adding elements of molding pastes, heavy mediums and ink to her work to show depth. Some are much more deliberate in their creation, and others involve ‘happy accidents’. She says, “I love seeing where these elements take me.”


LeeAnn started painting in acrylics 6 years ago, and has remained faithful to the medium since then. She took formal classes with Danielle Bartlett around 2011 – 2012. At that time the school was known as Calgary School of Art, but Danielle has her own studio called Neon Milkshake now, where she continues to teach and paint.


LeeAnn has many interests in a number of art fields, from film and photography, to ceramics, glass, fashion, and reaching as far as music, dance and drama. She tells us one lifetime is not long enough to get involved in everything she wants, but she feels fortunate to be surrounded by a family that is as creative as she is. One of her sisters is a performing artist, another sister attended FIT (Fashion Institute) in NYC, her niece is a model, and her daughter works as a photographer and videographer.


She always enjoyed sketching which she found very relaxing. She tells us she always knew she wanted to be an artist, but made life choices which caused her to move in another direction until she decided to take art seriously again seven years ago. Now days she makes time for her passion, and is grateful that she can do the things she loves.


Currently contemplating her new direction and exploring new ideas, LeeAnn admits she is deeply drawn to abstract art. We look forward to seeing what she creates next. In the meantime, don’t miss her current show at Motion Gallery November 07 – 29, 2017, which is the best place to view her work for the time being.




Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere