November Artist – Joshua Alexander


Expect to see finger painted artworks by our new artist Joshua Alexander this month. After ditched the notion to buy new paintbrushes each time he left them to dry, he realize he could simply paint with his hands, opening up a new concept of painting altogether. The collection displayed at Motion Gallery is called ‘Icons’, a selection of pop art inspired portraits of famous people, from Muhammed Ali to Archie, which he says he hope to give viewers yet another reason to love these icons when they see his unique styled paintings.


Joshua admits this method of painting has worked out in his favour, joking that his style of finger painting allows him to make mistakes which he can cover up to look the way he meant them to look. Adding that he enjoys working on larger pieces with pops of colour these days, explaining that the details on bigger canvasses are more subtle which works better for the effect he tries to convey. 


Finding inspiration from artists Michael Godard, Trever Stickle/Stickman and Stephan Fishwick, Joshua introduces David Garibaldi as his greatest influence, he says his style of art could be compared to Garibaldi, but hopefully not mistaken for his. Describing his own art as a explosions of colour, he hopes the splashes he creates are pleasant images people continuously enjoy looking at.



Joshua didn’t start painting till 2012, after stopped by the dollar store to buy some art supplies to occupy his time. Most of his art education came from regular schooling, he confesses he was given extra privileges in art class because of his creativity. He says he was lucky “I may have learned a few things due to this unique opportunity when it came to art. I was able to use the more expensive supplies or tools.”


Nowadays Joshua actively immerses himself in the art scene as much as possible. He has been a permanent contributor at a small underground gallery in Red Deer and has exhibited his work at pop up galleries around Edmonton, as well as contributed in a group art show in Toronto, and occasionally takes part is art battles, or live painting events.



Joshua lives in Acheson, Alberta, where he paints and works out of his home studio. He also enjoys upcycling old items, making rustic furniture and practical home pieces. This is his bread and butter! So when we asked Joshua what he is working on now, he said, “Everyday brings something new so it’s hard to narrow it down, but I’m going to be working on a lobster sculpture made out of about 1800-1900 feet of tie wire.” He recently worked on a sculpture of a scorpion in the same style too.


Realizing that it takes time and effort to make it in the art world, he tells us he doesn’t want fame for himself but would like his art to be seen around the world and hope his paintings would at least pay more bills than they do now. 


You can find Joshua’s artwork on Facebook at, on Instagram as @myhandsgallery, or on his YouTube channel





Written by Sandra Montgomery
Edited by Renee Laferriere