November Artist – Jose Antonio

Jose Antonio exhibits a collection of painted fashion models, as well as feline cat portraits. He tells us he enjoys drawing and painting animals, especially tigers, jaguars, and sometimes eagles. He also has an inclination to paint portraits of beautiful female models he admires, pointing out his appreciation for “their extraordinary beauty”, and confessing that the paintings are his way of honouring them.

Having great admiration for artist Damien Hurst, he jokes that his ultimate dream is to be as famous as Damien or Jeff Koons. He is also highly influenced by another pop artists, Andy Warhol, as well as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Salvador Dali. Jose tells us he is particularly drawn to Damien Hurst’s paintings of circles. He explains, “There is so much you can do with circles, and this is very encouraging to me. I’m also very Influenced by the use of bright colours in Warhol’s and Matisse’s art works.” He adds that the bright colours also add life to a room.


Painting portraits in acrylics and oils, his drawings are done mainly with black ink. However, for his latest venture, he now wants to concentrate a series of illustrations on sketch paper, and looks forward to creating more of these drawings and taking a hiatus on painting.

Jose’s creativity was deeply rooted through his father who was an artist himself. It was his father who taught him the basics of drawing, and because he found this to be a fun pastime as a child, he naturally continued doing so. He says he learned that to become a good painter, one had to be a good illustrator too. And it was from then that painting became very interesting to him.

He experimented with acrylic and oil paints on his own, but wanting to learn the best practices of using these mediums, it pushed him to make the decision to go to college. Once Jose was finished secondary school, he went onto study Art Fundamentals at Sheridan College in Toronto, learning life drawing, painting, sculpture, two-dimensional design, and technical drawing. This encouraged him to learn more about mixing paints, experimenting with brushes, and initiation him to paint on canvases.

His exhibits include a fundraiser for The John Howard Society three years ago, an art show at The Living Rock Ministries public library six years ago, and was awarded for ‘Best Art Technique’ by the Mayor of Hamilton, Ontario. All the events Jose has participated in, encouraged the development of programs helping youth with drugs or alcohol problems, dysfunctional families or domestic violence. He says, “I had a hard childhood and complicated teen years, that is why I support these organizations and am dedicated to help them.”




This month you can find, and buy Jose’s artworks exclusively at Motion Gallery. You will not find Jose’s art on social media, or any other online sites, therefore, make sure you don’t miss his show, and join us for an opening reception with Jose, on Saturday, November 12th, 2016.





Written by Sandra Montgomery
Edited by Renee Laferriere