November Artist – Jefferson Kaine

The most recent artworks by Jefferson Kaine exhibited at Motion Gallery this month, were created in early 2017. He calls this collection “Into The Dark”.


Jefferson was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease in 2009, which resulted in the complete loss of vision in one eye. He tells us it is only a matter of time before he loses sight in his other eye as well. For the time being, the loss of vision in that eye has slowed somewhat, but is still allowing him to continue seeing colours and shapes.


This life altering disease will eventually render him blind, but before that happens, Jefferson has made a conscious decision to push forward, knowing that life will not wait.  He continues to follows the direction he’s always wanted to go in which is to paint!


With the art he creates, he uses the emotions of situations and times in his life at different points; Some happy and some angry times. He also finds inspiration in travel, or just getting outside and feeling for the texture of an area, such as the trees and grass, and even the buildings around him. Another influence are artists who make him think out of the box, and elicit emotion with their creations.


Jefferson’s artworks are created on canvas, using acrylic painting and various materials from his travels, including newspapers, dirt, sawdust, tissue and bark, to name a few. He enjoys the experimentation with varying successes, and has gone as far as incorporating fire, water, and oil paint to see their effects. He tells us, “Spray paints can be fun, and I have done some street art type ‘spacescapes’
with that also.  Anything I think that will give me texture or bright colours and contrast is open game.” His textured work begs the viewer to touch and discover the paintings for themselves.


He explains that his painting process is very messy and he will usually work flat on a table or on the floor. He begins by priming his canvas in an earthy tone, and then begins with a thought or feeling. “I don’t try to paint something, I just let the moment take me and let the paint and materials do the work.”


Jefferson didn’t start painting until his sight was well on its way to failing. Since then he has taken several workshops in soapstone carving, and a year ago spent a week at the Haliburton School of Art learning the process and technique of glassblowing.


In his youth he drew, painted, and “did the things that make one happy”, expressing that children make great art students since they have no limitations that we adults put on ourselves.


“We all want to create something”.  He adds, “I have a lot of friends who are artists, and I admire their spirit greatly. They were very encouraging and accepting of myself as an artist, and accepted me as one of their own.”


Jefferson’s art can be viewed on his website, on facebook:, and on Instagram @Jefferson_Kaine_art where you can contact him directly for purchases. This month, however, you can view them in person at Motion Gallery from November 07 to 29, 2017.




Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere