New Artist – Robert Klein

Robert Klein repurposes pallets of wood to create a number of little sculptures. We wanted to find out more so we put some questions to him


Tell me about the collection of wooden skulls you are exhibiting at Motion Gallery. 

Collection of skulls in the gallery at the moment


When did you truly discover you wanted to be an artist?

Never really remember a time, I didn’t think I would be about


Where did you find inspiration to start carving these skulls, also when did you begin making this type of art?

These skulls are carved from layers of pallet wood (and a table), old shelves, then enhanced with various found parts, from sewing machines, cars, toys, pet toys, some have lights.

  • Not suppose to be creepy. It is meant to pull you out of your universe (forget yourself for a while) and into Grizzly Oaks.
  • Seen a lot of garbage thrown out since, i started working when I was 14. At my last job I changed my focus from painting on new materials to only recycled materials, only thing i couldn’t refuse was painting. Even then I don’t have to take it all of either.
  • Specific to skulls,was challenged by fellow Motion Gallery artists, Joshua Alexander (My Hands Gallery) to make creepy art for art show, Purgatorium. He was making human skulls, I had just finished building a bison. Logistical next step.


Are you influenced by other artists or art movements?

Steampunk, street art (graffiti), manga, comic books, pin-up, bright colours with thick lines, metal art, totem poles, christian art, Leonardo da Vinci, Micheangelo, gothic churches


What techniques and materials do you use to create your work? Briefly explain your art making process.

Mig, cutoff saw, dremel, propane torch, air compressor/gun, drill, brushes, recycled wood pallets, parts of metal and glass. I have a big tool box.


Have you experimented with many other art mediums?

Photography (developing own film), painting in acrylic and aerosol, bronze cuttlefish, screen painting, cars (chopped S-10 little truck), I went to college tried a lot this stuff was on my own


Do you have interests in other kinds of art, i.e; painting, film, photography, or perhaps music?

Guitar, drums (I’m in a band called Buffaloak where I play guitar), cars, camping, hiking, canoeing, love my scooter,


Where did you learnt the skills to make your particular art? 

  • Red Deer College, dropped out – auto tech journeyman.
  • Keyano College – technical theatre diploma


Where can people see your art? 

  • Grizzly Oaks on IG


And where can people buy your art? 

  • Motion Gallery, Calgary
  • Fountain Head Tattoo Shop, Edmonton
  • Whyte Ave Art Walk (annual art fair)


What new project/carving are you working on next?

  • Oscar ½ size fully articulated human skeleton
  • Cleopatra Skull
  • Photo to be sold as prints
  • Full Size Oscar





Written by Sandra Montgomery