Meet Megan McCracken

Megan paints enchanting orbs and thought provoking images. Some inspired by HP Lovecraft’s writings, but she also says a great influence to most of her paintings comes from a song, ‘The Great Below’ by Nine Inch Nails. We’ll let her explain it.

00Megan McCracken

“… A person underwater, juxtaposing the ocean itself into a feeling of floating amongst the stars out in the void of the cosmos. I try to focus on feelings of being submerged into yourself, your own raw emotion, and through that, opening yourself up to a greater understanding, a kind of catharsis of your being. Other feelings I work with are that of being overwhelmed by outside forces, descending, being pulled by tidal pressures of everyone and everything around you. Impulses and urges to let go of whatever it is you are holding onto and dealing with the consequences of letting go. Feeling drawn to places that are impossible to exist, but the yearning is always there. And finally, the simple longing of home.

I was first exposed to art and creative expression through my father, who was extremely talented, creative and encouraged me to express myself freely. When I was younger, I also found comfort and inspiration in watching my sister draw. You could say I am an art addict and my family inspired me and fueled that creative addiction. As a child. I would draw pictures, and give my drawings to my friends while growing up. Honestly, what matters most to me is getting my work out into the world. I realize the world we live in now, with the Internet, makes it easier to share my work. However, I feel there is such a saturation of information and exposure, that an artist’s “signal” can be lost in all the “noise”. Having my work physically hanging in a gallery, using traditional means, feels more real to me. Having someone out there that I can reach, who actually wants to purchase the work is a humbling bonus to my efforts. If I feel I am in a creative slump, I find watching visually stimulating, perhaps considered “artsy” movies, or dramatic movies very helpful. Sometimes seeing the world from someone else’s perspective can help me see things in my own life differently.

I do put a great amount of myself into my art. My personality is very introspective and I find the darker side of life and reality around me quite fascinating. I try to make more generalized statements of human nature through a dreamlike lens. I understand well that all art is up to the individual interpretation and do what I can to encourage that in my pieces. If a participant sees and feels nothing in my work, I feel that I have failed. Not everyone will relate to my pieces, or what I am trying to convey through them, but even if their reaction is negative or visceral with hate towards it, I am content with that reaction. I just want someone to feel and react to my pieces, however that may be.”

Megan’s gallery of art

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