Meet Stephen Sauer

Stephen is primarily an oil painter, painting larger canvas with a quirky surrealist style in his artwork. He also dabbles in watercolour and has been teaches both these techniques for a while.

Stephen Saure

“One of the strangest things that ever happened to me occurred while I was working on a watercolor painting. I had climbed a mountain in the Kananaskis country and began to paint the view. I worked on it for roughly an hour when, suddenly, a gust of wind swept it far away.  Within a matter of seconds I was watching it circling the valley hundreds of meters away. I spent the next couple of minutes gathering up my things when my painting suddenly came shooting up the side of the mountain and blew into the sky high above me. Although I never saw it again I made a decision to name it “the one that got away.”


“If I had a time machine I would travel back to the garden of Eden as recorded in The Bible.  I would do paintings depicting poverty, war, and starvation. Then I would leave them by the forbidden tree of knowledge with a sign reading “If you eat this fruit all of my paintings will come true”


Steve’s Gallery of Art

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