May Artist – Kaitlyn Munday

Kaitlyn Munday is another of this month’s featured artists at Motion Gallery this month. Find out more!


Artist Statement
In the beginning there was carbon, then acrylics, and then oils. Oil paints are the medium that I feel best expresses my technique and personality. The purpose of my work is that there is no purpose. It is not an answer but only feelings, only a question, only a thought, or only an image. I do not wish to direct the thoughts of others who look at my painting in any specified way, but so long as it makes them feel something I can say it is a success. The reality is that, though, others may see what work I make, the real emotion for me is in the brushstrokes themselves. One could say that these paintings are a reflection of my own mind.




The works I will be exhibiting are a journey in which I learned a new skill, applied it and accomplish making a painting more complex, technical or adding depth. I paint in mainly a portraiture style, fascinated by anatomy and the ability to apply science to art. One will notice a theme of cobalt blue through the paintings, a theme I myself only just noticed within the last year or so. Something I find about reality that I am drawn to is the coldness of it, both in circumstances figurative and literally. It makes the occasions for warmth worth waiting on.


Where is the Inspiration Found
In the past I sought escape from reality. I drew fantasy creatures and sketched fantastic animals of prey. I hunt techniques and self-growth as though I need it to live. Today I have a focus on reality, what is around me on the earth and in the universe. I find inspiration in the people who inspire me, and in myself. My desire to paint is to have something visual that encapsulates a period in my life where I am learning something new.


Mediums and Process
As previously mentioned I have become fond of oil paints. The nature of their workability suits me. I can stop what I’m doing for an hour, come back and my colours aren’t dried up as it were with acrylics. The long drying time of oils gives the opportunity to make a path on how I will paint the painting. I found that these types of paints are akin to ink, and clay. Once the oil is placed, the pigments have stained the bare canvass, it is difficult to revert a mistake and thus, it teaches me to think on the go. It is reminiscent of clay because in my mind, I am not painting, I am sculpting. The way oil paints behave on their own is unlike any paint I had ever touched in the past. The Nebula painting was done nearly entirely with my fingers, simply to understand how the paint reacts.
I have little refined process that I am aware of. I understand that with oil – my experience with other paint is limited- is to begin with a darkened background and to work in successive layers and areas to keep a texture smooth. Like skin for example. I don’t really think when I paint, my mind goes someplace else, its muscle memory at this point.


What does it do for me?
Painting allows me to say what I can’t express adequately with words. It is solitary for me. Something I think many of us don’t have enough opportunities to do. Be alone with ourselves, and appreciate it. I get an endorphin release after working on a piece, I feel contentment, complete satisfaction with myself, that I don’t get anywhere else.


When I was in grade three, I had a computer class in which we had to draw with the computer in some paint program a comic of sorts. I remember drawing a tiger and spending so much time on the first panel of my comic that I ran out of time to complete the other three. I felt so disappointed, everyone else had completed their and I was too slow. Feeling as gutted as a little 7 year old can, I was embarrassed to tell anyone that I hadn’t completed the assignment when people would ask to see mine. Until someone –maybe the teacher or a classmate, I can’t recall- told me how well done and detailed my single panel was.


Where to view? Buy?
The only reliable place to view my art is my Instagram account MSMXVII. The only reliable place to buy my art is to directly contact me through my Email,


New and Exciting
I force myself to try new things, as I stepped away from fantasy, animals of prey, I now step away from portraiture to learn about abstract, and textures in my oils. Each time I learn something I come back to do something that tests and incorporates everything I’ve learned into an emotional masterpiece.