May Artist – Connie Shea

  • Tell us about the works you are exhibiting at Motion Gallery.

There are select pieces from the Dashau and Landscape series

Dachau Series – Walking through the Dachau Concentration Camp was a sobering and emotional experience.  I was awestruck by the beauty of the cell walls…the aged and peeling paint…proving you can find beauty everywhere.

Landscape Series – This series of paintings portrays the landscapes in a more familiar way… less abstract, my way of seeing nature. 


  • Where did you find inspiration for your art?

My art is influenced by nature – its unpredictable beauty, unexpected colors, and unrivalled beauty of discovering new places.  Inspiration comes in many forms – textures, contrast, colour.


  • What medium and materials did you use to create your style of art?

I work in acrylics, inks,  and mixed media.  My work is multi-layered and is constantly changing. Applying a colour can take the piece in a whole new direction. As I scrape and scratch, layer paint and glaze, the piece develops. Gravity plays a role, tilting the canvas forward and back, allowing the colors to take their own course.


  • Where can people view and buy your art?

Visit my website at


  • What’s new and exciting art are you working on now?

I am working on a series that is inspired my visits to the markets in Europe.  The series has brighter colors than I normally use.  I wanted to challenge myself to try something new.