Meet Mark Kost

Mark does not play the Cigar Box guitar but he sure knows how to built them! These nifty guitars make great party conversations, family sing-a-longs and jams with your friends. They also sound wonderful, though each guitar sounds different to the other. Why am I telling you, you’ll just have to try it yourself.

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I have always liked to create.

I had two mentors:  My grandfather, who could make or fix anything with whatever scraps he could find, and my cousin, Wayne, whose never-ending curiosity led him to create the most amazing things.  I was in awe of these two men and the way they looked at objects, and saw the potential that no one else could.  Through them, I learned how to “see”.

I feel uncomfortable with the title “artist”; I feel more at home with the term “creator”, (but with a small “c”!), because I am driven to create.  The urge is always there.  It is not “art” in my mind, just something I have to do.  It’s an urge that is very hard to put aside.  Even if I don’t physically engage, I cannot stop my mind from planning and creating.

When I complete a guitar and pick up the finished piece for the first time, it is a wonderful feeling.  But the real goose bumps come when I see the joy in people’s eyes when they play one of my guitars for the first time.



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Mark’s gallery of art

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