Meet Marie Manon Corbeil

Marie Manon is an abstract painter, painting in a variety of sizes, each filled with vibrant bold colours, a mixture of textures and a final gloss finish to add that extra bit of vibrancy.

“I am very grateful to be able to paint my emotions and I really hope when you look at the paintings you can feel all the emotions with the colors, brushstrokes, scribbling and texture.  I want my painting to be joyful and the most important message is I believe that everybody should be able to own an original painting.  This is my moto to keep affordable price for a beautiful piece of art.”



March Artist – Marie Manon Corbeil

Marie’s gallery of art

Marie Manon - Mystical Tree

Marie Manon - 

Marie Manon - Planet Zee

Marie Manon - Unreadable Love Quotes

Marie Manon - City Lights

Marie Manon - Fresh

Marie Manon - Mystical Tree