March Solo Show – Nada Hamatto

Nada Hamatto is our featured artist all the way from Edmonton during the month of March, she exhibits a large collection of works in a solo art show depicting large portraits of fashion model’s, or images taken by photographers that focus on the beauty of woman and cultures that tell a story, these works are painted in a spontaneous realism style with colourful strokes and brushes.


“There is a beauty that I see in every female I paint, as an artist I am the only one that sees it and through that I try to implement it on canvas in a combination of colors full of energy, as I don’t see people in there actual real colours I see them colourfully.”


Her latest collection can be viewed at Motion Gallery until the 31st of March, 2018.


Every portrait has a story and she tells us, being the reasons she chooses her subjects. However, Nada transforms and recreates images into her own style, according to her vision of the world. “What I paint comes from my emotions, but I never forgets the real role models.” The works are created with dynamic enthusiasm, and one feels that something precedes them, namely that the spontaneity with which she paints is tamed by knowledge and profoundness that is deeply present.



“Colours are my muse and female creations of beauty inspire me, as I love giving women, or in generally my works the colors that I think they deserve.” she expresses how beautiful it would be if humans wore color.


Influenced by artists such as Voka and  Francoise Nielly, and many other artists that use the techniques of multi-colors in their works. Nada tries to capture a moment in time using mainly acrylics and metallic acrylics, with brushes, pallet knives and even finger painting to achieve the effects she is after. On occasion oil paints are also used after a layer of acrylic is dry, she tells us this is to strengthen the intensity of the colours. “In some paintings I also use gold leaf and finally some spray paint could be added when it’s needed on a large scale canvas.” And In most of her paintings she splashes colours around the portraits to give more life and motion to her works.

She has also painted many things that are not on canvas and have done wall painting, real animals skulls painting, glasses and wooden painting and I also printed on furniture” for Nada the experience of how texture reveals different type of beauty is another fascination.



“Art is like breathing to me”, her need to create and share her inner vision with the world is a path she strongly believes she was born to do.

Yet, I am not concerned with how pretty a piece turns out, or how much money I can make off selling it. What I care about is the emotions that I leave on that canvas in that moment in time, other activities don’t provide me with this feeling and that type of satisfaction I crave”.


Art has been a passion of hers for years, she recalls being the best student in her art class in grade 6, and would draw people and objects with colourfully, and refusing to keep their actual real colours, and later in university she was asked to teach new freshman students how to use and combine colors.


“I believe that even the sky is not the limit”, she tells us she loves creating and designing as it feels it was something she would continually do from 3D product designing to 2D photography and painting portraits, adding that “Experimenting and learning new things has always been my main focus.”



Nada graduated from the University of Al-Yarmouk in 2012 with a Bachelor of Industrial Design in Engineering, receiving six diplomas of appreciations from her studies. She is proficient in Photoshop Graphics and has had experience volunteering as a designer of applied handmade art, she had also coordinated exhibitions.


When it come to revealing what she’s working on at the moment, Nada tells us this is a secret, but gives us some hints, telling us her latest works will include graffiti and typography on canvas. She is also currently working on unique furniture pieces.

We look forward to seeing these!


You can see Nada’s art on Instagram: @hamatto.arther or on her website , and soon you will also be able to buy her art from her gallery in Edmonton as soon as June 2018. But don’t forget, Nada’s art is right here in Calgary during the month of March, with an opening reception on Saturday, 10 March where you can view and meet Nada herself.