March Artist – Marie Manon Corbeil

A childhood exploring the scenic Laurentians in Quebec, Marie admits she was a nature loving girl. She and her brother would spend hours walking nearby the creek looking for wild mussels and frogs, and fishing on the side of a tiny lake near their home in the small village.


Looking Forward
Looking Forward

As a child, Marie was far more interested in watching her father paint rather than picking up a paintbrush and painting something herself. Even with an artist in the family, she did not start painting until she was re-introduced to it in her teens. Somehow life got away from her somewhere in-between, and she did not paint again until ten years ago.


In 2010, Marie moved to Calgary to pursued the development of her hobby by studying art at the Calgary School of Art. In 2012, she took art classes with Danielle Bartlette, a contemporary art instructor in Calgary. “She is an amazing teacher and her paintings are stunning,” Marie says. Learning many techniques, and using a variety of acrylic mediums, Marie admits she discovered a passion in abstract painting that she did not realise would excite her as much. She says, “Now I am totally in love with this type of art.”


Marie admits to being a big fan of Gerard Jonas, who is a self-taught, and a self-styled spontaneous abstract expressionist painter.

Having previously attended art classes while on a beautiful four years stay in Bermuda, she also learned Chinese Native Painting, which she still loves to this day.


Although Marie has used oil paints in the past, and says her dad preferred using oil for paints, she decided to switch to acrylics after attending art classes. This is when she discovered the possibility of creating mixed media pieces, noting that there is almost no limit to what she can create. She uses modeling paste, and also likes to add other elements such as sand, ink, gold and silver leaves, to add interesting texture to her work. As her techniques evolve, so do her results.


“I want my paintings to be joyful and most importantly, I believe that everybody should be able to own an original painting,” she says. With this message, she keeps her prices affordable, and hopes people looking at her paintings can feel the emotions of the colours, brushstrokes, scribblings and textures she has added.

Having exhibited her artworks in ten different art shows over the past year, Marie was recognised as a January 2015: RAW Artist, and ended 2015 with high record sales at the ArtSpot’s Annual Under $100 Art Show, selling over 40 paintings in four days. It seems 2016 has no plans of slowing down for her either.

This month, Marie Manon exhibits a wide range of abstract paintings from her latest collection at Motion Gallery. The exhibit can be seen from March 2 – 27, 2016.

You can also find two of Marie’s paintings at Brookfield Homes Show homes, and more of her art in “One White Wall” Elevation Gallery, in Canmore.


She reveals she has an exciting new project coming up this spring and invites everyone to an open house event at her studio next month, saying “I will have an open door Studio event on April 2, 2016. Everybody is invited…”

Mystical Trees
Mystical Trees


You can see more of Marie Manon Corbeil’s artwork on her Facebook page
and also find her art at


Written by Sandra Montgomery
Edited by Renee Laferriere