March Artist – Jennifer Vollmer


Jennifer Vollmer is our newest artist for the month of March. She brings us a dreamy and dramatic collection of abstract artworks which are a combination of poured and painted pieces, revealing that she does not use one without the other. This latest collection was created over the past few months.

Employing a different technique than the fluid paintings we are used to seeing where the colours are mixed with the medium and then poured onto the canvas, Jennifer’s method is done in layers. Think colourful splashes of India, acrylic or indelible inks on a synthetic paper called Yupo or hardwood panels, then covered in resin with sprinkles of silver or gold dust. It may sound easy, but Jennifer has perfected her technique after years of experimentation.

“It’s often very colourful and usually reminiscent of nature. The starting point of the journey may be very different from where I end up. The challenge for me is knowing when it’s complete.”


Jennifer also enjoys working with acrylic and watercolour but inks and resin are consistently her favourites and where she feels most at home.

The colours and shapes she chooses for each piece create a mood, in turn developing themes in her work, which are refined as she goes. Jennifer will very rarely focus solely on completing one series at a time. She will shift between motifs during her process, allowing a natural flow of creating until her pieces and series come to life.


Since so much of her work is based on instinct and emotion, there is a visual message, but it’s open to the interpretation of the viewer. “I’m often leading in a direction with the title, palette or intensity, but I love hearing when someone can see or feel something very different”, she adds.


In The Rough



Scarlet Garden



Enjoying ALL kinds of art, Jennifer adores Instagram for the ability to find and follow new artists around the world. “Some of my favourites are classics such as Klimt, Rothko and newer, modern artists such as Marta Spendowska, Ingrid Ching and Mallory Page. I’m also constantly inspired by nature, music, and travel.”


Her passion focused mostly on sports during her younger years, while her creative side slowly progressed until it became a major focus after university. Jennifer felt she was always drawn to art but has never had the opportunity to fully explore her creativity until now.

While most of her art education came from Visual and Graphic Design certifications from NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) in Edmonton, she has also taken a few art history classes, and lessons on various art styles and techniques.

Jennifer has kept motivated and on her path by numerous encouraging opportunities over the last year, as well as a supportive network of friends, family and collectors. She admits that her stubbornness keeps her striving to evolve and progress at her art, and regardless of the outcome, she views art as a constant in her life.


Jennifer dreams of utilizing art as a means to provide opportunities to travel the world. In the meantime, she happily accepts that being an artist offers her a wonderful oasis for fulfilling self-expression, along with sharing positive feelings to those who view her work. She adds, “Art is the best place I know to completely open up and be within myself.”


With a couple of challenging commissions planned for the spring, she looks forward to pushing herself outside her comfort zone. She is also in the process of working with several local Calgary organizations to share her work. Keep up to date on Jennifer’s journey by following her on Instagram and checking out her website for new works and promotions.
Instagram @grandcerulean



Written by Sandra Montgomery
Edited by Renee Laferriere