March Artist – Gonzalo Figueroa


Gonzalo Figueroa left South America with his family at the tender age of seven. The Chilean born painter reveals his roots in his paintings with his use of vibrant colours and design. “This world of mine is a constant exploration of the light that engulfs us all, that chews us up then spits us out, rearranged.” Finding inspiration from John James Audubon he started drawing animals. “Drawing spoke to me when nobody else did.” He later found his interests moving towards comic books and was fascinated by the graphic arts.


81 x 60 2017
Komodo, the Dragon


Residing in the land of the prairies he was compelled to study at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Figueroa found himself majoring in the drawing department at ACAD. “While I was in college I was introduced to abstract expressionism and got seduced to the dark side.”


60 x 76 2016
Coelacanth. Lizard. Birdie Brain


Figueroa’s paintings are abstract and expressive. His works demand you to explore the colorfull landscape. The sheer size and and unique paint strokes draw you into the world he has created on canvas. “Being abstract in nature, my art does convey a mood which would affect any message given out to the viewer.”


96 x 72 2016
Never Never Kill With Kindness


Influenced by the abstract expression movement of New York, Figueroa enjoys works from Dekooning, Hoffman, Pollock, Rauchenberg, Lichenstein, and Duchamp. Most recently he has found inspiration from the art of Emily Kane Kngarreye. “Kngarreye has caught my eye and influenced me. Particularly her depictions on yams.”


25 x 25 2017
Everyday is an Average


In the past Figueroa has worked with found objects that he has collect from the trash. He has also explored his creativity through printmaking and glass blowing but prefers the canvas for telling stories.


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Written by Rick Rosario

Editted by Renee Laferriere