Meet Mabrouk Taiar

Mabrouk paints idyllic scenes of his homeland, Algeria. His story is a fascinating one, please read.

00Mabrouk Taiar

“Art was ingrained into me as a child. My father notice it in me and encouraged me to develop my skills. Since my childhood I have liked to see the joy and happiness in the eyes of people looking at my works. This pushed me further, to learn and practice more. I consider myself an amateur artist. I also did not realize I can make money from my artworks until recently.

A funny story. When I was young I started locking my bedroom door so nobody could see what I was painting, until I finished. I started doing this to stop my family from teasing me, saying “What the heck are you messing up there”, and I’d reply “please wait until I’m finished and you will see”.

My art shows my personality, I’m a peaceful lover of beauty. Most of my paintings are landscapes because I love the beauty of nature. I also admire the ancient Arabo-islamic architectural forms and cities. In many of my works I try to mix the two together. If someone misinterprets my works I will defend it, but in a peaceful manner with more explanation and gentle speech. I think what we are watching on TV of war and disaster, especially in the Middle East is a good interpretation of the lack in art in some cultures. I think you need a peaceful world to promote art and culture.

I love art, I feel it promotes good manners, peace and communication between cultures. My inspiration came for the artworks of the great European artists, Rembrandt, Monet, Michelangelo, Van Gogh… etc. When I see these works, I am in awe! I can’t stop making art but of course the responsibility of putting food on my family table comes first.”


Mabrouk’s gallery of art

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