Meet Kristin Hollman

Kristin’s art has a distinctive 50’s style to it, whether it be in her collages or in her oil paintings. Her most fascinating works are the painted collages of masking tape, giving her paintings depth and texture. A very contemporary style indeed. Here’s a little bit of insight into Kristin’s inspiration.

00Kristin Hollman

“I feel that art and the personality of the artist go hand in hand.  Because the work of the artist comes through their very being, it is only natural that their work contains traces of the self.  Even the resistance of putting personality into the art is in itself a reflection of the personality.  I myself see traces of “me” in my work.  It is an aesthetic that I find fulfilling but I also see much of my current work as a reflection of my history and things of the past.  My work is satisfying not only in the visual, but the process that went into producing it.  I collect photos and cameras and see photography as very valuable. It makes sense that I reference photography with drawings and paintings.  Whether or not I know the person represented in my art, I still feel the connection to them whether it be of a cultural nature or the bond that all mankind share with one another.  Reflections contained in the old photographs depicting experience and poses of these people from the past, offers me an instant connection.  They resemble many of my own experiences as we share similar emotions and the candidness of memory.  Often when I take snapshots in my life, I wonder if some stranger will find these in a box one day and ponder on them as I have done with the collection of vintage photographs that I possess.”


Kristin’s gallery of art

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