June Artist – Wilf Heidt

Wilf Heidt grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan.  He admits he always had an aptitude for art but it was not this specific environment that influenced his creativity, other than the wide open vistas of everyday life.


The only formal training Wilf received was at Balfour Technical School in Regina.  Half of his credits were devoted to art by the end of his last two years, which was enough to get his foot in the door of the Advertising Department of Simpson’s Department Store.  He says, “I was lucky enough to have two well trained mentors who trained me to design advertisements for the newspaper (The Leader Post).”  

With an entire career in Advertising and related commercial art, Wilf worked in British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta for various companies including the Calgary Herald, Safeway and Woodward’s Department Store.

When he returned to the West from Ontario, his first job was in a small Art Studio named Prism Graphics, which had a staff of three including himself, and afforded him the opportunity to design package labels, record album covers as well as newspaper ads.


He says, “My Art now reflects my still growing realization that I have to follow some basic rules regarding perspective and composition to achieve the quality I desire.”  He finds inspiration from many sources ranging from The Group of Seven to Jerry Yarnell, Andrew Wyeth, Trisha Romance and John Kasyn.  Wilf’s style of art gravitates toward Realism with an Art Nouveau influence, using simplified forms that are based on more flat, bright colours, with the intention of creating nostalgia, as well as a mood with bolder painting style, and heightened use of colour.  Acrylic is his preferred media.

Wilf belong to the FCA (Federation of Canadian Artists) Calgary Chapter, which hold three art shows per year, usually in Community Halls.  Wilf also has a painting currently on display at Palliser Art and Framing, on 3109 Palliser Dr. SW.

His collection of works displayed at Motion Gallery in June, is a range from portrayals of musicians to landscapes with abandoned vehicles, all framed and varying in sizes.


Gonna Make It Home Tonight
Gonna Make It Home Tonight



Written by Sandra Montgomery
Edited by Renee Laferriere