Meet Joseph Ross

Joseph is an abstract painter, using mostly cool colours for his palette knife painting, which tend to resemble skies, mountains and oceans. In his more recent works with poured paint, Joseph goes for warmer, richer colours, evoking more of an emotion from the viewer. Here’s his story.

“My first commission came early in my career as an artist. I was totally freaked out that my client wouldn’t like it. The request was for a mountain scene in my style which tends to be very abstract with bright colours. It was the largest piece I had done at that point. I worked on it everyday for 5 weeks, and had almost given up. I was in the middle of having a panic attack thinking I was going to miss the deadline I had when a friend I had been bemoaning my problems to gave the painting a once over, grabbed the canvas and turned it upside down. I was totally taken off guard, but she was right – it was upside down. It is probably my best pieces in that style, but being an abstract painter means that my view is sometimes the opposite of my audience. The client loved it, and spending 5 weeks painting something great (albeit upside down) is my happy accident.”

On a different note…

“My bumper sticker would read – Specializing in keeping everything I do a secret.”


Joseph’s gallery of art

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