January Opening Reception

Join us for our 1st Opening Reception of the year, and take the opportunity to come see the incredibly amazing artworks we have on display from January 4 – 29.

Our new artists will be in attendance during the evening of January 14th, which will be a great time to meet each of them. We have articles for so you can find out about then, also take a look at their websites/social media to get acquainted:
Masoud Habibyan http://www.masoudh.com/
Sachie Ogawa https://www.motiongallery.ca/january-artist-sachie-ogawa/ http://www.sachie-art.com/
Dominika Warchol Hann https://www.motiongallery.ca/january-artist-dominika-warchol/ https://www.facebook.com/DominikaWarcholArtist/?fref=ts
Anna Forseth https://www.motiongallery.ca/january-artist-anna-forseth/ https://www.facebook.com/annaforsethfineart/ and @annaforseth27 on Instagram
Anna will also be performing for us that night, checkout her band https://www.facebook.com/kindredsummit/?fref=ts

Date: Saturday, 14th January
Time: 6pm – 9:00pm
Venue: Motion Gallery
200 Barclay Parade SW
Calgary, AB, T2P 4R9

We hope to see you!

This is a free event open to all ages, with caternig from Jackie’s Thai and many more delicious treats for everyone to enjoy. Kids can enjoy non-alcoholic hot or cold drinks and please note to bring ID which is required for the cash bar