January Artists – Magda Assaf


This month, we have a collection of free-flowing resin artwork by Magda Assaf, inspired by the freedom of movement and fluidity. Most of her paintings have between two to six layers of resin, with acrylic and metallic pigment, such as gold leaf, adding depth and movement to the work, increasing richness to each piece. The fluidity and modern feel that resin creates in these abstracts, is also something she has always loved. She was first drawn to the resin art of Australian artist Mitch Gobel, whose work she adores. When she made the decision to paint her first piece, she put in an order for resin right away.


Although she tries to navigate the movements, there is an element of the unknown when simply using pour paint, and a sense of being able to let go, and see where the movement guides you.


She began painting in mid 2016, and immediately immersed herself in resin art. She tells us, “The inspiration really occurred after I left my ten-year accounting career in the Oil & Gas sector. After leaving the rigid structure of the corporate world, I craved freedom. Freedom to be creative, to let go of plans, boundaries, and really allow art to guide me.”


Her larger pieces are painted on a cradled birch panel, which provides the rigidity that resin requires. After priming the panel, she pours a mixture of high flow acrylic and resin on the panel, helping the colours move. Once the entire surface is covered, it’s blow-torched to remove all micro bubbles within the resin. The piece is then covered to ensure dust doesn’t settle onto the wet surface.







She admits she has a very non-creative background, with degrees in biochemistry and finance, as well as an accounting designation. As a result, she never thought of herself as a creative person or had a need to delved into the arts.


The only art class she did, was a single semester back in junior high. Other than that, Magda, loved dancing as a child and would set up a large mirror by the TV, and dance to music videos.


She did, however, create a few realistic paintings with acrylics and oils, just for fun. While it was enjoyable, she always preferred the free-flowing movement of abstract work. She admits to being in awe of people who did abstract, and believing it required a lot of imagination and creativity, which is something she thought she lacked at the time.


Magda is now a full-time artist, but after quitting her corporate job, she says she had a lot of time on her hands, and wasn’t ready to dive back into a 9 to 5. With the walls in her home being bare, she took on to painting, which is when her first paintings came to life.

A couple months went by, and after a job interview, she came home thinking that her heart simply wasn’t into it. Feeling frustrated, she remembered she had extra paint, and went down to what is now her studio to paint. She says, “It was a such a blissful release. That month I decided to create Modern Emulsions; A place where I could post her artwork, without it being on my personal social media. One and a half years later, I love my real, artistic career. I adore being an entrepreneur, and I cannot fathom doing anything else.”


“I have a huge love for special effects makeup, and would love to experiment more in the future in my personal time. I have a massive appreciation for photography, dance, and mad love for music, but only as an admirer.”


Magda loves experimenting, and pushing the boundaries of how a big single resin piece can be. For her next venture, she looks forward to transforming home decor, with items such as side tables and other furniture with resin art. We’re staying tuned to see how her work continues to evolve, and you should too!


Her artwork can currently be found at Motion Gallery this month, in Project A Shop in Canmore, and several markets throughout the year, which you can find out about on: http://modernemulsions.ca. Her website is updated regularly, as well as her Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/modernemulsions/. Magda will give buyers the special treatment by delivering and helping clients set up their new art.





Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere