January Artist – Sachie Ogawa


Born and raised in a small town in Tochigi, Japan, Sachie Ogawa spent most of her life capturing life with a pencil. She tells us, “When I was four or five, I didn’t decide to make art. It was as natural as eating or sleeping.” It was only at the age of nineteen that she fell in love with painting while developing her expression with Manga style characters. She never doubted that she would become a Manga artist, since this has been her biggest artistic influence.


Sachie received her diploma in Visual Arts and Design at Grande Prairie Regional College, in 2012 but while living in Japan, her work was recognized and awarded at events hosted by Manga publishers. Nowadays Sachie lives in Calgary, immersing herself in as much of the arts as the city has to offer.


Sachie Ogawa

Sachie Ogawa
Sailor Fuku To Ryu

Sachie Ogawa
Water God and Orchid

Sachie Ogawa
Four Noble Ones


The women she paints reflect and represent every person she has met her in life. From individuals she knows intimately, to those that she randomly meets on the bus, at a grocery store, or in passing by on the streets. She explains, “When it comes to what I create, realism is set aside and the expression of colours, smells, emotions, sound, and images is my pure expression.”


She uses pen and ink on paper, and acrylic on canvas to inject life into her Manga characters.

Sachie has also experimented with wires and glass crafts, and writes music. She finds inspiration in naïve art, realistic paintings of fabrics, video game illustrations, as well as in the people she meets, and in just about every nook and cranny the world has to offer.



“I do not tend to plan while I paint, so most of my art work are purely layers of lines and brush strokes that my brain, and my hand like to create one moment after another.”


To find out more about Sachie Ogawa and her artworks, visit her website http://www.sachie-art.com.  



Written by Rick Rosario

Edited by Renee Laferriere