January Artist – Anna Forseth


Raised by an Artist, Anna Forseth’s mother immersed Anna with creative projects that challenged her in many different ways. This enabled her to explore the diverse approaches of expression. She tells us, “As a child I used to paint rocks and shells, carve soap, and sing all of the time.” At an early age, she understood the the commitment and responsibility that Creatives make to reflect the world around them. This inspired Anna to take art classes throughout high school, which eventually lead to her pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Currently, she is in her second year at ACAD working towards majoring in drawing.



During her pursuit as a Creative, she felt outside pressure to take on a different path, but has always known she was put on this earth to be an artist. She says,“Making the decision to pursue an artistic career was a hard one; It still is a hard one.”


She explains, “Art is a commitment to me; A promise. The minute the foundations of an idea are laid down in my mind, it is my responsibility as the creator to see a project through, and to see the concept grow and evolve into the end result.”


Anna works in a variety of mediums, and is mostly drawn to painting. However, she is still learning what styles of art she enjoys. At this point of her career, she is focused on moving out of her comfort zone in her creative explorations with different mediums and platforms.


“Nothing gives me greater joy than experimenting, making horrible mistakes, and turning that into the best part of a piece. I often create based on the way I feel. Brush strokes can be as irrational as an outburst of human emotion, or as intentional as a well thought-out plan.”


Anna finds inspiration from the beauty of nature, as well as through concepts and obscurity. The narrative in works of art is where she finds her home. She explains, “I love art that tells a story. The fact that I am a living being is inspiring to me and I find inspiration in my faith as a Christian.” She is also drawn to the works of Kiki Smith, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Alex Janvier, friends, and her peers. Her greatest desire is to inspire people, and give viewers an experience that transports them to a place buried deep inside of their being.


Currently, she has been working on a series of selfie portraits that her friends have taken on her phone during the past year. She says,“I’m interested in the ‘selfie culture’ that has become such an important part of today’s society. Nowadays, with social media, we are most likely to be documenting our experiences, and editing out the parts we don’t want to show to the world.” For Anna, this exploration has been a very interesting process, beginning with asking for permission from friends, to dedicating large amounts of time painting their faces. “It’s like I was getting to know them all over again!” The idea began about six months ago, when she kept leaving her phone unattended, and would find an uncandid photo that someone had unknowingly taken. She says, “When people see these works, I hope people get a laugh out of the expressions, and perhaps think about why we keep these parts of us hidden.” Her future plans are to continue exploring the relationship between social media and identity.


After completing the Secret Selfies series, she will be spending a lot of time working in her sketchbook, and brainstorming ideas.




As well rounded creative, Anna has an appreciation for all artistic practices. She is very passionate about music, she plays guitar, sings, and is also a song writer. She tells us, “When I create, I always feel at peace. It’s like I get pulled into this other world where I just get to express myself purely. Sometimes it feels like the work is already done for me!”


To find out more about Anna Forseth, please visit her Facebook page at www.facebook.com/annaforsethfineart ,and on Instagram @annaforseth27.


Written By Rick Rosario

Edited by Renee Laferriere