Meet Enrique Hernandez

Enrique draws inspiration from his country of birth, Cuba – with bold, busy artworks usually enriched with vibrant colours and symbols. Each painting tells a million stories.


Enriquito, as most of his friends know him, was born in Havana, Cuba in 1978. As an only child, Enrique spent a lot of time alone. At the age of 8 he was drawing comics, later he delved into graffiti and in time collaborated with local friends on art projects. Finding inspiration from local Cuban artists, he still credits them as being his favorite artists to date.


My art is described as a combination of neo-expressionism and cubism, some even say it’s more abstract expressionism. My paintings are bold and busy, I bring collages of shapes and forms together. I call my style of art ‘Selfismo’, taking the English word ‘myself’ and the same version of the word in Spanish ‘yo mismo’ and combining it into one word.

At the last count I estimated having painted over 800 paintings, 1500 drawing and I have given away about 300 works to strangers I befriended in public. I am always eager and prolific in finding time to paint, even on public transport I have my pen and sketch pad in hand. I feel it’s integral to keep painting as more inspiration comes as I go. Painting is an addiction for me, I need it, I feed it everyday and everyday it feeds me!

My artwork can be seen in Calgary, White Rock and Vancouver, Canada as well as in Bangkok, Thailand, Spain and Cuba. Eventually I would like to see my art in major galleries around the world and have a 3000 square ft studio space where I can work on at least 10 pieces simultaneously, that is my ultimul goal. Fame and riches are not important to me but my dream is to be able to sustain a life where I can look after my son and be a painter too.
At the age of 17 Enrique lost his left hand in an accident. “It was as if a samurai came from the shadows in the night and cut off my hand”. Even with such misfortune Enrique continues painting and his artwork has been seen in Calgary, White Rock, Vancouver, Bangkok, Thailand and a small town named Bejar, in the province of Salamanca Spain.



Enrique’s gallery of art

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