December Artist – Rebecca Light

Rebecca Light’s most recent series of works, is a collection of studies on the image of ‘Our Lady of Gaudalupe’. Come see these, and a few older pieces during her month long exhibit at Motion Gallery, December 1 – 30, 2016. She tells us, “I started this series because I was hoping that by painting her image, I would somehow take on some of her divinely sweet, and heavenly qualities myself. To be perfectly honest, I am not sure how well that plan worked!  I was, however, able to understand her realm a little better, the places where her presence can be felt such as in the sweet smell of a wild rose, or the funny little noisy birdies outside my window.  In a way, it was a an experiment in building a relationship with an archetype, and so I suppose that my project was actually a success!”


Rebecca attributes much of her artistic creativity to the stimulating upbringing she received from her Mother, expressing that her active involvement with projects, and activities not only influenced, but also nurtured productivity, and artistic skills for her and her siblings. It was then that she got her first art lessons.


“It’s difficult to put into a few words, just how wonderful she really was”, she says about her Mother. Some lessons were in fact taken from ‘Thinking on the Right Side of the Brain’, and although they were not official lessons, Rebecca realizes that a great deal was learned from those times spent at the kitchen table.


Art supplies were always fully stocked, and they always had the good colouring books from Dover, as well as quality paper with detailed and interesting pictures. Everything an artist could want, from sketchbooks, paints, clay, you name it, she had it!

At the age of seven, Rebecca recalls thinking about her future, and decided that she wanted to illustrate children’s books, and make beautiful pictures like the ones she saw in the storybooks from the library. In a way, she always knew that becoming an artist was a path she wanted to follow.


In high school, she credits her teacher’s passion, and persuasion towards building a good portion of the curriculum into creating an outstanding college or university portfolio. Once Rebecca was finished school, she had no trouble being accepted into the Queen Victoria School of the Arts, in Edmonton, where she won the International Baccalaureate Award for Visual Art in her senior year.


She then attended Alberta College of Art and Design, graduating in 2007 with a Bachelor of Fine Art, with a major in jewellery and metalsmithing, as well as a minor in drawing.


Rebecca considers herself a multimedia artist, and admits that she is a little obsessed with creating textures and patterns in her own work. Happiest when working with more than one medium, she tells us, “If there is anything I can get my hands on to enhance a piece in the way I feel necessary, I will use it”. She compares this method to finding the right words to describe an experience, saying that sometimes the vocabulary of a single medium is just not quite expansive enough to image her idea into the reality she wants to express.





Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere