December Artist – Nicole Ries

This month we introduce another Calgary based artist, Nicole Ries who brings us a collection of loosely based portraits of women’s portraits.


The soft flows and lines in her works, along with her chosen colour palette lend a certain innocence to her style of art. Her focus on portraits speak of this too.


“I have always had a natural instincts to draw eyes and faces.”


In her youth and even now, Nicole has always favored art, particularly drawing and painting. Her inspiration comes from a place within herself and tells us “Art is a form of therapy for me”.


With her love for layers she explores different mediums, Her works are textured and layered using acrylic paints, some with embellishments, such as crystals and studs, as well as glitter and objects that inspire her creations. This combination of mixed mediums allows Nicole to achieve the effects she is after.




Being interested in many forms of art including photography and film, she admits she is most drawn to art that comes directly from soul, adding that “If it is from your heart it’s art in my opinion.”


Nicole’s artwork is not seen or sold online, so this month you get an exclusive viewing at Motion Gallery, where you can also purchase her artworks.


We look forward to seeing more of Nicole’s creations in the future.





Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere