December Artist – Maria Loaiza


At a very young age, Maria Loaiza began unleashing her creativity in the pages of her family’s home library, which consisted of over 7000 books. When her parents noticed this, they began leaving certain books easily accessible for her to draw in those instead. She participated in colouring contests for the local newspaper, and art activities through school. By the age of 10, Maria began attending art classes. As she grew older, it only seemed natural that she would pursue a career in art.


In her teens, she reached a crossroad while trying to decide whether she wanted to study graphic design or architecture. Somehow, Maria ended up pursuing an education in Engineering at Universidad Nacional de Colombia in her hometown of Manizales instead. At the young age of 16, she was attending one of the eight Universities in the city.



Throughout her professional career, art continued to be a passion she could not ignore. She continued studying art whenever she could, taking private lessons from different instructors, as well as attending art classes at colleges in the USA, Colombia, and Canada. In 2002, she attained a diploma as an Art Instructor at an art academy in Miami, Florida.


She is currently pursuing the Visual Arts Certificate at ACAD. She tells us, “I am learning the way the ‘Masters’ used to paint. Finalizing a copy of ‘La Belle Ferroniere’ (from Davinci), and applying the Grisaille concept to it ( I am also currently working on a collection of 20 paintings of people, places and things”.


Although she loves many different facets of art, for now Maria dedicates herself to drawing and painting. Previously working with charcoals, pastels and watercolors on different medias, nowadays she primarily paints in both acrylics and oils, and enjoys experimenting. Influenced by Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore, Leonardo Da Vinci, Romero Britto, John Lennon and Salvador Dali, she recently found inspiration in the works of Emily Carr but also finds inspiration in the beauty of life, love, nature, colours, her son, and the places she has visited.



She tells us she had worked really hard trying to find my own style, and until she understood that, the process has been more important than the result. She explains, “Art is the best way I can express myself; I let go of  myself when I am painting … I live my freedom painting”. Maria plans to make art as a way of life in her future, and says, “I will have my own studio to share with the public through shows, private lessons and more artsy adventures”.


The paintings you can see exhibited at Motion Gallery in December, are a reflection of Maria’s artistic influences, her experiments with new ideas, mediums, and materials. This collection was created at different stages of her life, where the commonality is inspired by her emotions, feelings, love and nature. They are an expression of herself at that certain time in her life.


To view Maria’s collection, make sure to visit Motion Gallery, December 1 to 30, 2016.




Mount Sopris


Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere