December Artist – Jacqueline Anne

Born and raised in Bothwell, Ontario Jacqueline Seymour was always a creative soul, often found singing, dancing, or sketching her evenings away as a child. But somewhere between then and growing up she lost sight of the importance of creativity in her life. “There were moments where I actually felt in my hands, the need to paint.”

During a tumultuous pivot point in her life, she finally responded to her cravings to paint and took an art class. “Art has only ever been from my heart, not my brain.”



Experimenting with different materials and mediums, Jacqueline unexpectedly fell in love with acrylics after exploring oils, pen graffiti and graphite. “Layer by layer, I experiment with a variety of mixed media, often challenging myself and adding texture to form intrigue and depth. As every addition is added, I release control, embracing what others may possibly see as imperfections, allowing the water to add to the creativity and take on a form of its own.” Using rollers and brushes she applies paint directly to the canvas. Beginning with undertones, mixing and blending, she covers the white and observes her painting as it takes over. Covering some sections and not others, waiting in between layers and stepping back into the painting each time, until eventually the story of the artwork pervades. “I don’t know exactly where the creation of layers is leading me in the beginning and why but during the process I discover what it is that had to be said; the story to be told.”



Kind And Generous

Beneathe The Surface

Lipstick Stained Coffee


Dark Descent

On Solid Ground


Jacqueline finds inspiration everywhere she turns, whether it’s in fashion, architecture, patterns, magazines, the environment, or the Internet. She instantly desires to paint when she’s been inspired by a colour, texture or pattern that catches her eye. “Recently it was oyster shells that moved me to want to paint.” She is also inspired by other artists particularly, Helen Frankenthaler. To Jacqueline, the sheer size of Frankenthaler’s paintings and unapologetic approach to painting is impressive in and of itself. “This was always a goal of mine, to paint BIG.”


Jacqueline aims to move people and evoke emotions in their life through her work. “I want them to resonate with the truths I’m sharing in my art. Which is simply, this crazy imperfectly perfect thing called life.” Originally her focus was on painting bigger but lately has shifted to painting smaller which has actually motivated her to try new media. “I’m really inspired by ‘the home’ right now. I’m learning how not to work from a place of hurt but a place of happiness and love and sharing.”


Having shows in Cafes throughout the city, through Samantha DaSilva Fine Art, LimeLighter and festivals. Jacqueline’s work can also be found on her website:





Written by Rick Rosario

Edited by Renee Laferriere