December Artist – Ashley Caldwell

We are pleased to welcome a brand new artist with a very unique style of art to Motion Gallery this month. When we first saw Ashley Caldwell artworks we couldn’t decide whether they were paintings or sculptures. Well, they’re a bit of both, sculptural paintings.


Her collection of pale painted sculptural flora and graphical shapes in some cases combines the marriage between organic nature and geometry together with the relation of shadows and highlights, literally making her work stand out.


Influenced by surrealist, such as Salvador Dali and Frida Khalo, her inspiration for this sculptural series came about three years ago when she wanted to add texture in a painting of poppies and began by adding drywall to texture the petals, she also began texturing the background of her painting at first, and eventually her artworks turned into sculptures that completely cover her canvases.




A born and bred Calgarian, Ashley tells us art was always an important outlet for her. Her need to create art is a build up of ideas that will start bothering her until she has to get them out and make them happen.


As a child she would draw on walls, and each time her parents washed it off she would cover the fresh walls with more images, it was only when her parents decided to stop cleaning up these drawings that Ashley gave up this habit too, she believes it was the excitement of having a clear canvas for her creations.


Gaining an even greater taste for art at school, it was in highschool that her interest peaked, and later on she went onto studying Graphic Design. Ashley tells us that in more recent years her curiosity to create textures using drywall putty just felt like the right direction for her work.


Her next venture for 2018 is to experiment with 3D optical illusions by having the shadows and highlights from her images form shapes and in turn create pictures at different angles within her existing creations. This sound fascinating and we couldn’t be more excited to see were her experiments take her.


You can find Ashley’s artworks at selected markets around Calgary, or at Motion Gallery from 2 December until 5 January, where you can view and purchase her works.  





Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere