Holly Burghardt

Holly paints bouquets of flowers and birch trees with palette knifes, and recently created a range of fun pointillism glazed pieces. Click to find out more.

Erin Freed

Ceramist, Erin Freed makes the quaintest fairy-like houses, bowls and vases that will delight your eyes and your spirit. Click to find out more.

Emma McCaul

Emma repurposes old window and a variety with mixed mediums to create idillic images. Click to find out more.

Elle Deacon

Elle creates mood, movement and even mystery in her idyllic artworks. Click to find out more.

Camille Betts

Camille create incredible ceiling installations by transforming recycled and repurposed materials. Click to find out more.

Brenda Banda Johnson

Brenda is a palette knife painter, concentrating on images of birch trees and landscapes, immaculately finished and framed. Click to find out more.

Alistair Wright

Alistair primarily works in oil paints, on portraits, animals and landscapes but recently has started working on abstracts. Meet Alistair Wright