Meet Camille Betts

Camille creates incredible ceiling installations by transforming recycled materials, like paper, fabric and a few nik-naks here and there, into what some people describe as underwater coral. She has also been known to make a giant pom-pom or two. This over the top fun view on art draws awe and wonder out of many people.

00Camille Betts

I am an art addict, I have a hard time not making things even when going through a block point it just feels like a block. Music of all sorts jolts me through and out of the rough spots; while the love from my family and friends is inspirational to keep making art the way I do. Art in the veins missed a generation in my parents but my Grampa played a few instruments in small town prairie bands through the 1930-50’s. From early childhood I went camping a few times a year and developed a passion for the environment from Girl Guides, the Anglican Church and camps run through Strathcona County. In high school my design teacher, Greg Swainson, told me “I had what it takes-I just need to develop my skills” and that was the first time I had any reinforcement of any special talent. I took his advice, stuck to it and learned how to let my imagination roam!

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